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Indulge in the perfect cup of coffee with our Euro Blend. Our velvety, slightly acidic blend offers a deliciously subtle yet strong flavor, complemented by a pleasant aroma. Crafted for the discerning coffee lover who enjoys a mild, yet satisfying taste.

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In order to choose a good coffee it is extremely important to understand the three components that characterize coffee.

The body: This is the feeling of heaviness and power of taste found at the back of the tongue. A coffee with lots of body will turn the color of the cream that is added to it in a golden brown.

Acidity: Acidity causes a pungent sensation and gives a slightly sweet taste to coffee. It is a sensation found on the sides of the tongue. A slight acidity will be very pleasant when tasting of your coffee.

The aroma: In order to define what the aroma is, we could simply say that it is a combination of the taste and the scent of a good coffee. We will define the aroma of a coffee in that it evokes a known taste: the chocolate taste of a mocha and the fruity taste of Kenya AA says that a coffee is rich when it presents a nice balance of these three components.